Sublime Text 2 Plugin: Goto Drupal API

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This little plugin I created allows you to open the api site at the Drupal 7 documentation for the currently selected function.


This plugin has been submitted to ST2’s excellent package control repository which make it super simple to add. Open the command palette (cmd-shift-p) and choose "Package Control: Install Package" then "Goto Drupal API" You can also manually install it from github:


Open the command palette (cmd-shift-p) and choose "Goto Drupal API" while your cursor is on a word. Alternatively make a keybind by adding the following to your User/Default (OSX).sublime-keymap:
  1. { "keys": ["super+shift+a"], "command": "goto_drupalapi" }
(I don't like plugins automatically adding keybinds, okay.)


I'm on Linux, so I setup my keymap file like this:

$cat ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/User/Default\ \(Linux\).sublime-keymap
[ {"keys": ["command+shift+d"], "command": "goto_drupalapi"}

Submitted by Peter W on May 28, 2012 - 12:52pm

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