Training: Ægir based deployment for Drupal 7


This is a 2 day course.

This training has already ocurred, please contact us if you would like us to deliver training on site or to be kept up to date on public trainings.

About the course

Deployment should be bullet–proof, predictable and fast.

Drupal stores a lot of configuration in the database which makes this hard.

Realityloop have developed Ægir based deployment for Drupal 7 to help you overcome this problem, the course will teach you how to:

  • Capture your projects configuration in code so it can be version controlled
    (You are using a VCS aren't you?)
  • Implement an Ægir based Dev/Stage/Prod workflow
    (Hopefully your client want to test changes before you put them into production)
  • Never make changes on your production site
    (Changing config in live production is a recipe for breaking things and unhappy clients)
  • Have multiple developers work on your project in complete harmony

What you will need to bring with you:

What will be supplied on the day:

  • Training manual
  • Access during training to a pre-configured webserver with aegir instance and git server

Here is a brief outline of what will be covered during the training:

The tools

  • Desktop applications
  • GIT version control system
  • Demonstration of Github for Windows and Tower for Mac
  • Access controlled GIT

Introduction to deployment

  • Why do this?
  • The Deployment Workflow
  • How this aids working in teams

Creating a profile/makefile distribution

  • The stub makefile
  • The profile

Configuration management

  • Methods of exporting functionality into code

Deployment process

  • Development site (Local) preparation and testing
  • Staging sites
  • Production site

Building a new site

  • Installation profile / Stub makefile
  • Building your platform and site on the Ægir server

Taking it further

  • Contributed modules that simplify the deployment workflow
  • Environment aware functionality


Great training!
It made me realize how far behind or unprofessional my workflow was.
It was a really great structured training session. From introducing the tools, theory and practical examples. On thing I thought though was that there were a big range of students with vastly different levels of skills. I thought I was on the bottom of the list. Not having had any experience with git drush and aegir. Nevertheless I felt empowered after the session. And have already been experimenting with all the tools and techniques earned in the session. One thing could be improved is that some of the most impotent concepts are covered at the end (eg. deployment) and by then my attention span was not at the highest level anymore. Luckily there is a supplied manual for my memory. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to implement a professional workflow and deployment strategy.
Cheers Guys!

Submitted by Elmar Pappenreiter on April 2, 2013 - 3:34pm

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